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Vulcanodon questions

I expect it would be too much to ask that anything from SVPCA 1999 would be 
in print yet, but -- just in case -- I thought I'd ask if anything from 
Paul Upchurch's talk had been published.

A number of basal sauropods have turned up over the last few years 
(Zhigongosaurus,  Kotasaurus, Barapasaurus, Camelotia?).  Upchurch 
apparently refers some or all of these to the Vulcanodontidae (I haven't 
read the papers yet, so I'm not sure).  Is there anything else down there 
at the base of Sauropoda outside Vulcanodontidae & Eusauropoda?

Where does Camelotia stand? Prosauropod? Antisauropod?

  --Toby White

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