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Re: Vulcanodon questions

Toby White wrote-

> Is there anything else down there
> at the base of Sauropoda outside Vulcanodontidae & Eusauropoda?

Gongxianosaurus shibeiensis is more basal than these.  It lacks pleurocoels
or opisthocoelous centra, has gastralia, only three sacral vertebrae and two
distal tarsals.  It's a sauropod though, as it has spatulate unserrated
teeth and a forelimb 70-75% of hindlimb length.  You can get it's
description online at the Polyglot Paleontologist.  Other possible basal
sauropods are Kunmingosaurus wudingensis and Ohmdenosaurus liassicus.

> Where does Camelotia stand? Prosauropod? Antisauropod?

A new paper by Galton from last year in Paleontographica (I didn't get the
first part of it, so I don't know the title) redescribes Camelotia.  It is a
melanorosaurid because of a prominent sheet-like lesser trochantor and a
femur that is lateromedially wider than anteroposteriorly deep at midshaft.
Within the Melanorosauridae, it is more closely related to Melanorosaurus
than Riojasaurus because Camelotia and Melanorosaurus have proximal caudal
centra much higher than long.  Also in this paper, Avalonianus sanfordi and
Picrodon herveyi are both synonymized with ?Megalosaurus cambrensis.

Mickey Mortimer