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Dinosaurs Premiere -review

No real spoilers and no paleo-accuracy grumbling follows:

Just a quick word on Disney's Dinosaurs. A batch of us from the museum went
to a premiere in Philly last night. I think most of you will be surprised by
this movie. It was not the feel good, warm and fuzzy, cutie dinosaur Disney
movie that you are probably expecting. It was pretty dark and violent for
move that 4 year olds will be attending. Yes, it is rated PG, but I'm sure
most parents will overlook that because it's a Disney flick. There were a
number of really little ones in the audience, and a couple got a little
freaked out. Actually, I hate to admit, but the roar of one of the
"carnotaurs" made us jump-the sound is pretty intense in this movie. I don't
think the violence was excessive, but be warned if you have little ones that
are sensitive to loud sudden noise or will get upset by a lot of death

The plot, as you know already was a rehash of the "land before time". The
characters were typical Disney fare. Two of them were very annoying- the
"love monkey" and Url the Ankylosaur. They turn Url into a slobbering
dog-like dolt and you don't win points with me by messing with ankies. The
"love monkey" keeps spilling forth stupid love advice and pickup lines that
I bet even the 4 year olds have heard. I don't think any imagination went
into that character at all.

The effects and artwork shouldn't disappoint, however. I was impressed with
some of the scenes, especially in the very beginning of the movie. It's
obvious the animators put a lot of thought into the movement of the animals
and did research on the dinosaurs. Any paleo inaccuracies (which I'm sure
some of you will be listing in a week) I think were deliberate artistic
license and not oversight.  

All in all, I think it was an OK movie. Lots of focus on audio and visual
effects and less on plot and character development. Even with the obvious an
inevitable errors, it was better by leaps and bounds then any dino move we
watched when we were kids, that?s for sure. I predict lots of dinosaur toy
sales out of this one.


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