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Re: PALEONEWS:John Lanzendorf paleoart collection

Honored Person Betty Cunningham writes

<< In keeping with the media hype surrounding Sue, The Chicago Tribune had
 a Sunday piece on the John Lanzendorf paleoart collection (the largest
 private collection of dinosaur art, so I hear).   Many dinosaur list
 subscribed artists have art in his collection.>>

And some dino list members, namely Honored Person Holz commenting cogently on 
Honored Person David Krentz's Gorgosaurus, have work contained in the 
Academic Press publication of a book showcasing the Lanzendorf collection.
The book is called "Dinosaur Imagery", and is a must for any paleo-artsy 
type...the emphasis on sculpture in John's collection and thus in the book is 
a real treat; sort of like Remington meets the Mesozoic.

I just turned on the Early Show and saw the spectacular mount of Sue which 
goes on display today, and some mention made by the museum director 
concerning formerly unknown Tyrannosaurus rex bones prompts a question.
Which post-cranial elements of this skeleton are new?  This may have been 
covered in the archives, and if so I apologize for the redundancy.