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Re: How did Protoceratops walk? (Was AMNH Fighting Dinos)

  Hi, All!
    Thoughts of *Protoceratops* - The forelimbs are short, but perhaps they
were only used during slower locomotive modes, as in some modern lizards.
The head looks positively gigantic, but much of it is rather lightly built -
the bones of the crest are almost translucent...
    Just a thought.

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Subject: How did Protoceratops walk? (Was AMNH Fighting Dinos)

> The model of Protoceratops, shown here:
> http://www.amnh.org/exhibitions/fightingdinos/gallery/proto3.jpg
> reminded me of a question about Protoceratops.  How
> could it have walked in that posture?
> Aren't its forelegs too short for a quadruped?  (It
> seems to me that the forelimbs on this model are
> restored a little too long.)  With that huge head it
> didn't walk on its hindlegs, did it?  Wouldn't this
> have resulted in a very strange posture?

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