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Re: A New State Dinosaur?

Ed and group,
Yes, I was also recently informed of this, and unfortunately, haven't had the 
chance to make the changes to my state fossil list.  

The info you posted is basically all I know about it: it is an allosaurid, and 
it is native to present-day Oklahoma.  I do know that the Sam Noble Museum is 
working on some of the remains.  Anyway, here is a e-mail that Sandy Dengler 
sent me regarding the find:

>News update for you from the Sooner State:
>The Oklahoma legislature just passed a bill, unanimously, I hear. to make
>Saurophaganax our state fossil. Also unanimously, not a one of the
>legislators could pronounce it. But they all thought it was great idea.
>Anyway, FYI Oklahoma now has one.
>Of more lasting importance, the new Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural
>History just opened its doors to the public. Two years ago, Oklahoma's
>treasures--fossils, Indian and other historical artifacts, the extensive
>George M Sutton bird collection, and an array of other collections were
>housed in six different sites around campus, some of them not even fireproof,
>let alone tornado proof. They are now in a repository as safe as engineers
>can make it.
>Housing the collections is of primary importance; the splendid visitor
>facility is lagniappe. But marvelous lagniappe! Ken Carpenter's museum is
>exquisite but ours will rank right up there with it.
>Sandy Dengler


On Tue, 16 May 2000 14:46:03   Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette wrote:
>We've been informed by a kind contributor that Oklahoma now has an
>official state fossil:
>"Saurophaganax (a close relative of Allosaurus) is the state dinosaur of
>Oklahoma, the only place it has been found so far.  "
>Anyone have any additional information? Date?
>as ever, all of this nonsense is at:
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