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dinosaurs in the media yesterday

Hi, everybody,

Just a few quick comments about dinosaurs in the media yesterday.

First off, sorry about the message I sent yesterday: CNN did not run a big
dinosaur segment during the 4 pm hour yesterday, CNN International did.  Of
course, I didn't find this out until I was wired for sound and in front of
the camera...  It was in three parts: a profile of Sue and of Susan
Hendrickson; a short bit with me talking about the scientific significance
of Sue; and a segment on dinosaurs in pop culture (which I missed).

Aside one: a warning for fellow (or rising) paleontologists: working with
live TV news media is a lot different than working with a documentary crew.
It isn't "hurry up and wait"; it is "hurry up and hurry some more".  Prepare
to be rushed around from chair to chair and room to room.

Aside two: the make-up guy had a room full of 8x10 glossies of movie stars
and news reporters and the like, but while he was talking to me he showed me
one of his favorite possessions: a _Carcharodon megalodon_ tooth about 10 cm
tall he found on his home property in southern Maryland!  We had a nice
discussion about paleontology and recent discoveries and such.  Very
enheartening to be reminded that there is a LOT of interest in the science
of paleontology out there!!

Secondly, the documentary "When Dinosaurs Ruled - China" which aired last
night on The Learning Channel was new.  For those who didn't catch it, it
included some great pictures of _Archaeoceratops_ and field photos of the
juvenile _T. bataar_ that Phil Currie is working on.

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