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Re: dinosaurs in the media yesterday

I thought last night's "When Dinosaurs Ruled" episodes where great. It was good to finally hear some of the paleontologists whose work I've read or whose pictures I've seen finally speak! I've seen so many of Dr. Holtz's posts to the DML, but have never actually heard him talk, so that was something new and interesting.
Also, after seeing WWD and pictures from Disney's Dinosaur, I've gotta say that the animation just wasn't up to my newly hightened standards! (But it's good to hear Phil Currie wasn't injured... how could he not have seen them coming?).
It was great to see the new _Archaeoceratops_, and I was glad they focused so much on the feathered dinosaurs (especially towards the end). Too bad they didn't actually accredit the "new feathered therizinosaur" (_Beipiaosaurus_) with it's proper name, though.
I'll stop now.

-Jordan Mallon

From: "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@geol.umd.edu>

Secondly, the documentary "When Dinosaurs Ruled - China" which aired last
night on The Learning Channel was new.  For those who didn't catch it, it
included some great pictures of _Archaeoceratops_ and field photos of the
juvenile _T. bataar_ that Phil Currie is working on.

For those who did catch the episode, rest assured that Currie and I are both
aware that dromaeosaurids do not have arctometatarsi!! The narrator states
as much, and due to the insistence of the director that we use the name
"raptor" (I let slip "raptorial dinosaur" at one point) for "coelurosaur",
it leads to more than a bit of confusion. Also, rest assured that Phil
Currie was not injured by the attack of computer generated _Velociraptors_.

(I regret that my comment on _Gasosaurus_ being one of the most average of
all theropods did not make the final cut...).
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