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Re: The media does it again... (humor)

While it has nothing to do with dinosaurs and beer.....

I thought the media did very well with their Sue coverage....except for one 
slip up.  Last night on Fox News Chicago a news crew followed Sue Hendrickson 
back to the high school she dropped out of.  This was the first time she had 
returned since she dropped out.  During the segment they called her "the 
world's foremost fossil hunter."

That's it.  That's my one complaint.


On Thu, 18 May 2000 19:21:51   Tommy Tyrberg wrote:
>At 15:51 2000-05-17 -0600, Richard W Travsky wrote:
>>On Wed, 17 May 2000,  Dann Pigdon wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>"The origin of the water is supposed to be from the rainforests of > Papua 
>>>New Guinea some 2 million years ago  the Jurassic period. > When that 
>>>water seeped into the ground, some would have dropped off > the backs of 
>>> [...]
>>I thought the jurassic was a lot longer ago than that...
>The weird thing is that the water quite likely is a couple of million years
>old (at least some of it) and it does come from the highlands of New
>Guinea. However there certainly were no dinosaurs in New Guinea then (there
>never was as a matter of fact since the area was ocean back in the
>Mesozoic). However "Diprotodont Beer" doesn't sound quite as good from a
>marketing point of view. On the other hand most water molecules probably
>dropped of the back of a dinosaur at some time.
>Tommy Tyrberg

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