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Re: Disney Dinosaur Follies... and Srnka in Spiegel Online

With reference to the rather interesting topic of the Iguanadon mouths, we
finally obtained a really fascinating series of developmental drawings
dating back to 1995. We're in the process of preparing an illustrated essay
on the process of designing the mouths for those particular dinosaurs and
the reasons it was done.

Certainly, it's not "paleontology" per se, but it is very revealing of the
evolution of "storytelling."

Mr. Srnka by the way, is featured in a very fine article in Spiegel Online
this week.


It's in German, contains an interview with Chris and mentions Jeff Poling's
excellent resources prominently.

Christopher Srnka wrote:


>    Aladar, the
> Iguanodon, has a neat row of white incisors, covered by muscular, fleshy
> lips. The ornamental horns above his orbits flex and move as if they
> were eyebrows. When he squints or "smiles", his muscular cheeks
> contract. This is true of all the Iguanodonts in the film.

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