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"X" marks the spot

Just a random thought....(I often have them when I wake up in the early morning hours)....has anyone tried to intentionally seek out specific formations that may hold the treasures like those that have been unearthed in Laoning China recently??? I mean, now that a farmer just happened to come across that first feathered fossil, they are actively mining the area for more. But, has anyone tried to figure where there may have been the proper conditions for such a bounty of fossils to exist? (ie....lakebed near active volcano). I`d be particularly interested in Triassic deposits myself. My idea of early pterosaurs evolving into birds would involve the first development of feathers in a cold enviorn. Perhaps the missing link would be found in what was then a southern polar region. Perhaps evidence exists at the continental edge where Australia has rifted off from Antarctica, or perhaps Southern South America? There must have been some volcanic activity in these areas,....and some ancient lakes???