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R: AMNH exhibit

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Subject: Re: AMNH exhibit

> >Species yet to be named?  I know of a troodont and a lizard; what other
>> undescribed gems are hiding out at this exhibit?

> Has anyone named the Gobi dromaeosaurid described by Norell and >Makovicky
> AMNH Novitates No. 3215 (1997)?  If not, that may be one of them.

If I'm correct and if I remember correctly, Norell and Makovicky in their
last paper on American Museum Novitates "Important features of the
Dromaeosaurid Skeleton II: Information from Newly Collected Specimens of
Velociraptor mongoliensis" write that this material and which described in
the 1997 American Museum Novitates paper belong to Velociraptor

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