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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

If egg-eating mammals destroyed the egg-layers, there would'nt be no species
of bird now. The monitor lizards would have destroyed the ostriches, the
Brazilian mustelids would have destroyed the rheas, etc

Joao SL
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Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2000 12:14 PM
Subject: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

> In the Upper Cretaceous of Uzbekistan: "Ground nesting for the giant
> azhdarchid pterosaurs was probably unlikely because the terrestrial
> paleohabitat...was inhabited by predatory _Cimolestes_-like mammals and
> many small to large theropod dinosaurs..."
> This is said by Nessov, L.A., 1988 Mesozoic and Paleogene Birds of the
> USSR and their Paleoenvironments. in Papers in Avian Paleontology Honoring
> Pierce Brodkorb, No. 36 Science Series, Nat. Hist Mus. of Los Angeles Co.
> He cites his own study: Nessov 1987 Results of search and investigation of
> Cretaceous and early Paleogene mammals in the territory of the USSR, in a
> journal called: Annual of the All-Union Paleontological Society
> 30:199-218.
> First: Why was I not told?  The synchronous Northern
> Hemispherical distribution of Cimolestes-like mammals at a time
> immediately before large egg layers became extinct is to me like the whiff
> of smoke from a gun.
> Second: I wonder what gave Nessov the notion that these creatures were
> capable of predation on these pteroaurs?
> Third: If they could prey on giant pterosaurs, why couldn't they prey on
> _any_ giant egg layer?
> Fourth: As an amateur researcher, could anyone give me a tip on how to
> locate this Russian journal (I live in Maryland).