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Sue's furcula (wishbone)

At the Field Museum's "Sue" web site, there are many nice little revelations,
including skull and brain scans, evidence of Sue's advanced age, a refutation of
the "bitten face" hypothesis, a broken rib, and the furcula.  The photograph of
the furcula on the Sue mount at <www.fmnh.org/sue/theory2.html> is obviously
upside down.  Also, I am not used to seeing the coracoids spread so far apart on
up-to-date theropod skeletal mounts.  And the position of the furcula surprises
me, not looking as it does in the recent JVP article on tyrannosaur furculae, 
as in extant birds.  (Note: I am not a trained anatomist, so I will hear out
anyone who is).  How does this placement square with the opinions of experts on
the list?  Don't get me wrong; I'm delighted to see Sue is up at last, and
overall, she looks gorgeous.  No offense intended.

On another note, I just got the March JVP, and enjoyed seeing the rapid
communication featuring Sue's brain and those big, beautiful olfactory orbs of

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com