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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

On Sat, 20 May 2000, dbensen wrote:

> >>If egg-eating mammals destroyed the egg-layers, there would'nt be no species
> of bird now. The monitor lizards would have destroyed the ostriches, the
> Brazilian mustelids would have destroyed the rheas, etc<<
> Exactly.  Nature develops checks and balances.

God may develop checks and balances.  _Nature_ is mechanistic.

> Egg-eaters can only eat so many
> eggs and so many kinds of eggs (because of behavioral and physiological
> complications).

On the contrary, egg eaters strive to eat all the eggs they can
find.  They even go as far as establishing specialized egg-making
factories and breeding egg layers to perform super-biological laying

> The only time I've heard of egg-eaters destroying species, was
> on the islands where snakes, cats, and rats were introduced by humans.  Those
> new animals were sudden additions; if they had evolved on the islands,
the prey
> would have evolved behaviors to get away from their predators.

Pollyanna might agree.  But the fossil record is filled with creatures
which could not evolve strategies to counter certain predator
strategies.  They are extinct.