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Re: Sue's furcula (wishbone)

From: Gigi and Ralph <gbabcock@best.com>

The photograph of
the furcula on the Sue mount at <www.fmnh.org/sue/theory2.html> is obviously
upside down. Also, I am not used to seeing the coracoids spread so far apart on
up-to-date theropod skeletal mounts.

The broad placement of the scapulocoracoids may be the secondary effects of another slight oversight. The ribs are placed nearly at right angles to the sagittal plane rather than angled back as they might have been in life. Result: The chest is a little to broad, so that when the scapulocoracoids are placed on the skeleton, you either get them spaced too far apart anteriorly (as in this mount), or you get the blade of the scapula raised and projecting from the back.

Overall, though, a lovely mount.

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