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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

>> Exactly.  Nature develops checks and balances.<

God may develop checks and balances.  _Nature_ is mechanistic.<

If I want to see behaviors develop, I can look out the window.  I see
squirrels looking both ways before they race across the street, flocks of
birds adding my feeder to their route, the evidence of  a raccoon who has
learned how to lift the metal clip holding the lid on a garbage can, and a
squirrel who has learned which of my cats are dangerous enough to interrupt
his meal of seeds knocked out of the feeder and which are too afraid of him.
Both physically and behaviorally I can see survival strategies at work.

>>Those new animals were sudden additions; if they had evolved on the
islands, the prey would have evolved behaviors to get away from their

Pollyanna might agree.  But the fossil record is filled with creatures which
could not evolve strategies to counter certain predator strategies.  They
are extinct.<

Not mechanistic, indeed.  You're right, purposeful innovation is essential
for animals to survive.  Aren't you agreeing with the point you're
attempting to counter?