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Re: Hollywood dinosaurs: a selective timeline of the movies about dinosaurs

We were flattered to see that the LA Times (which interviewed us) cribbed this
entire list from CELLULOID DINOSAURS

They did, at least, attribute the quotes in a second article that accompanied
this one.

"Terry W. Colvin" wrote:

> Hollywood dinosaurs: a selective timeline of the movies about dinosaurs
> Susan King, Los Angeles Times
> Friday, May 19, 2000
> 1908 "Prehistoric Man": Little is known but it may have been animated.
> 1912 "Man's Genesis": D.W. Griffith short may include the first live-action
> dinosaur.
> 1914 "Brute Force": Griffith also directed this caveman short starring a
> young Lionel Barrymore.
> 1914 "Gertie the Dinosaur": Winsor McCay's first animated short.
> 1919 "Adam Raises Cain": Tony Sarg provided the silhouette cutout animation
> for this rarity.
> 1923 "The Three Ages": Buster Keaton's classic has stop-motion dinos, one of
> which he rides.
> 1925 "The Lost World": Terrific version of Arthur Conan Doyle adventure
> starring Wallace Beery and featuring Willis O'Brien's stop-motion dinosaurs.
> 1927 "Flying Elephants": Laurel and Hardy encounter dinosaurs in this Stone
> Age-set short.
> 1933 "King Kong": Before the explorers meet the big ape, they find
> dinosaurs. Impressive stop-motion effects by Willis O'Brien.
> 1940 "Fantasia": History of dinosaurs set to Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring"
> in the Disney landmark.
> 1940 "One Million B.C.": Hal Roach and Hal Roach Jr. directed this hoot with
> lizards dressed like dinosaurs. Footage recycled in 1950's "Prehistoric
> Women," 1952's "Untamed Women," 1953's 3-D "Robot Monster" and Roger
> Corman's 1958 "Teenage Caveman."
> 1948 "Unknown Island": Richard Denning stars; lizards stand in for
> dinosaurs.
> 1953 "The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms": Terrific stop-motion effects by Ray
> Harryhausen.
> 1955 "King Dinosaur": An iguana plays "T. rex" in this turkey directed by
> Bert I. Gordon.
> 1956 "Godzilla, King of the Monsters!": First of the legendary Japanese
> imports.
> 1956 "The Animal World": Ray Harryhausen and Willis O'Brien supplied
> stop-motion effects for this Irwin Allen documentary about life on Earth
> before man.
> 1957 "The Land Unknown": Jock Mahoney lands his helicopter in a valley
> inhabited by prehistoric creatures (mechanical and people in costumes).
> 1958 "Behemoth, the Sea Monster," a.k.a. "The Giant Behemoth": Willis
> O'Brien supplied the stop-motion dinosaurs.
> 1959 "Journey to the Center of the Earth": Pat Boone and James Mason star;
> lizards play the dinosaurs.
> 1960 "Dinosaurus!": Thawed-out prehistoric monsters and a caveman.
> 1960 "The Lost World": Jill St. John and Claude Rains star in remake of the
> Arthur Conan Doyle story with lizards as dinos.
> 1966 "One Million Years B.C.": A fur-bikini-clad Raquel Welch flees from
> stop-motion dinosaurs created by Ray Harryhausen.
> 1969 "Valley of Gwangi": Harryhausen provided dinosaurs for this sci-fi
> western in which cowboy James Franciscus captures a "T. rex."
> 1970 "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth": Animator Jim Danforth supplied
> stop-motion dinos.
> 1975 "The Land That Time Forgot": Doug McClure encounters dinosaurs (people
> in dino suits); followed in 1977 by "The People That Time Forgot."
> 1977 "The Last Dinosaur": Big-game hunter Richard Boone is trapped in the
> prehistoric past.
> 1980 "Dinosaur": Will Vinton supplied Claymation for this short.
> 1981 "Caveman": Dennis Quaid, Shelley Long and Ringo Starr appear with
> stop-motion dinos by Jim Danforth and Dave Allen.
> 1985 "Baby, the Secret of the Lost Legend": Disney adventure features a
> mechanically operated family of dinosaurs.
> 1988 "The Land Before Time": First in series of animated adventures about
> baby dinosaurs.
> 1993 "Jurassic Park": Dinos soar to a new level of sophistication in Steven
> Spielberg's blockbuster, the first film to use computer graphics to create
> the creatures. Followed in 1997 by "The Lost World: Jurassic Park." Stan
> Winston supplied effects for both.
> 1994 "The Flintstones": Computer-generated imagery (CGI) and mechanical
> dinosaurs help bring this live-action version of the animated series to
> life. Followed in April 2000 by "The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas."
> 1998 "Godzilla": Beast and her babies created by CGI and mechanical dinos
> wreak havoc in New York.
> 1998 "T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous": This Imax movie utilized CGI animation
> and 3-D effects.
> May 2000 "Dinosaur": Disney's latest uses CGI in live-action backgrounds.
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