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Re: Sharovipteryx

> >In the course of my studies, I have come across Sharovipteryx and am a
> little at
> >a loss as to what the little creature did when it was alive.  We're all
> pretty
> >certain now that it wasn't a glider.  It has long hind legs, but wouldn't
> those
> >big membranes get in the way of running?  It might climb trees, but how
> with
> >those tiny arms?  If anyone could bring illumination, I would appreciate
> it.

Dave Unwin will present a talk at this years SVPCA meeting in Edinburgh,
something like the relationship of Sharovipteryx to pterosaurs (he will
correct me if this is wrong) ... so it seems someone is working on this
guy !.

there are some more details, like abstracts ? at the web site svpca.org