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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

The Carnegie museum has this nice article on the recent mammal found
woith all the dino birds in China:

The animal is shrew-sized and has hips and hindquarters more reptilian
than mammalian.  There are images of it here:

This instect eater was not eating eggs or ganging up to eat eggs, at
least.  What mammals from Mongolia or China are you referring to?  Dr
Luo suggests all early mammals that we've found are insectivourous.

-Betty Cunningham

John Bois wrote:
> On Sat, 20 May 2000, Timothy Williams wrote:
> > I'm curious how a Beanie
> > Baby-sized mammal could steal an egg from right under a brooding 80-pound
> > _Oviraptor_ without himself ending up on the menu.
> Why do you assume the animal is Beanie Baby sized?  And how big does the
> animal have to be--remembering that rats eat croc eggs--to threaten an
> _Oviraptor_?

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