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Re: Seismosaurus

Hi everyone

I am new to this list and a keen amateur who likes to keep up-to-date with
what's new in the dinosaur world - I also live near Lyme Regis!

I confess to being baffled over the extrvagant sizes quoted for seismosaurus
and other similar dinosaurs, many of which seem to be found in Argentina.
How could a creature of 160' or more move around, and on what basis are
these sizes given?  As far as I know these creatures haven't yet been
authenticated either and little of them actually found...unless somebody out
there knows better!

Anybody know of a really good website that might tell me more?

Rachel A Hyde


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> Hi Everyone,
> Glad to finally get back. Does anyone have any info on any new
> seismosaurus finds or if they found any more parts of the incomplete
> skeleton?
> Any help appreciated,
> Chris