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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

For the same reason they survive today.  I believe this is due to their
aquatic habit.

What about the many marine crocodylians in the Mesoxoic?? What about the mosasauyrs and plesiosaurs and icthyosaurs (which did not lay eggs)!!

Firstly, wetlands are a refugium from mammals.

Have you told the Water Buffalo this? Or hippo, or swamp deer. Tell them to get out, they should not be there!!

We don't know when dinosaurs became extinct worldwide.

Yes do. Maastrictian. The evidence from N.Amerca, S.America, Europe, India, etc is overwelming!!

I am saying that
predatory guilds today appear to limit the distribution and evolution of
large egg laying mammals.

Yes - limit them to zero!!!!! Today there are NO 'large egg laying mammals' . There are many large egg-laying birds though.

Dinosaurs are extinct becuase mammals eat their eggs???? This theory has more holes than Swiss Cheese.

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