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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Ahmed al-Mahasa Sha'ad wrote:

> What about the many  marine crocodylians in the Mesoxoic?? What about the 
> mosasauyrs and plesiosaurs and icthyosaurs (which did not lay eggs)!!

No clue.  How does this relate?

> >Firstly, wetlands are a refugium from mammals.
> Have you told the Water Buffalo this? Or hippo, or swamp deer. Tell them to 
> get out,  they should not be there!!

Egg-eating Water Buffalo?  I'm talking about predation on nests hidden in
swamps.  They _are_ havens from mammalian predators.  The proximate cause
of recent drops (now recovering) in duck populations is known to be
habitat loss leading to increased access by mammalian predators into core
nesting areas.  I can also cite data which shows predator density is lower
in swamps than outside.  Write offline if interested.

 > > > > >We don't know when dinosaurs became extinct
worldwide. > 
> Yes do.  Maastrictian. The evidence from N.Amerca, S.America, Europe, India, 
> etc is overwelming!!

Connections existed between most of the continents you
mention.  Therefore, if predation were a factor, one would expect
relatively simultaneous extinctions here.

> >I am saying that
> >predatory guilds today appear to limit the distribution and evolution of
> >large egg laying mammals.
> Yes -  limit them to zero!!!!! Today there are NO 'large egg laying mammals' 
> . There are many large egg-laying  birds though.

I meant "egg laying animals", not mammals.  Defining "large" as bigger
than 1.5 meters tall or long, the diversity of big egg layers divided by
small layers is vanishingly small!  Before the K/T this ratio was
reversed.  This argues for an abiding selective force, not a single
abiotic event!

> Dinosaurs are extinct becuase mammals eat their eggs???? This theory  has 
> more holes than  Swiss Cheese.

I don't believe you've demonstrated a single hole, in this post at least.