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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

--- John Bois <jbois@umd5.umd.edu> wrote:
> On Mon, 22 May 2000, Ahmed al-Mahasa Sha'ad wrote:
> > What about the many  marine crocodylians in the
> Mesoxoic?? What about the 
> > mosasauyrs and plesiosaurs and icthyosaurs (which
> did not lay eggs)!!
> No clue.  How does this relate?

My guess would be that he is asking why so many
species of marine reptiles suffered the same sort of
sudden termination suffered by all species of
non-avian dinosaurs, and at the same time.  Mammals
may have been intrepid at getting at eggs, but not
that intrepid.  Not a bad question.


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