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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

> What about the many marine crocodylians in the Mesoxoic?? What about the
> mosasauyrs and plesiosaurs and icthyosaurs (which did not lay eggs)!!

No clue. How does this relate?

It relate becuase eggs of marine reptiles would be as hard to get to as the eggs of amphibius crocodyles. Icthyosaurs did not lay eggs at all. but these marine reptiles are all extinct too - like dinosaurs.

Why did these egg-eatiung mamals not eat birds eggs too - they could climb trees.

And for dinosaurs - cannot the parents defend their eggs from little mammals - specialy if the mother is sitting on them? Perhaps the mamal could steal one egg or two if they are brave - but ALL eggs!!!

3 holes in your theory and this is just  the begining.

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