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Re: Oklahoma state fossil...

In a message dated 5/22/2000 2:37:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
dinoland@mailcity.com writes:

> Does anybody know the size of this thing?  I know its an allosaur, and 
> from that fact I would say that it would likely be smaller than T. rex.

_Giganotosaurus_ and _Carcharodontosaurus_ are both allosauroids, and known 
fossils indicate that they could reach the size of _Tyrannosaurus_ or bigger. 
 _Saurophaganax_ is, IIRC, only known from a portion of a single vertebra, 
which indicates it was bigger than typical _Allosaurus_; I would have to say 
that too little is known to say whether the entire animal would have been 
larger than the largest known _T. rex_.

Nick P.