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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

If you ever get the chance, just watch some live film footage of baby sea
turtles emerging from their eggs in the sand and trying to high-tail it to
the ocean before becoming someones snack.  Not just mammals, but everyone
gets into the act (feeding frenzy).

The only reason for the sea turtles not becoming extinct is that so many
eggs are laid that there is too many young turtles to feed on.  The one's
that get away will grow up and be back to lay more eggs over and over

Now the only reason for the sea turtles demise is that a single species of
mammal is currently in harvesting them without remorse.  You can guess
what mammal that is.  Harvest the eggs, harvest the adults, destroy their
nesting areas (on purpose or accident), hunt down the creatures for sports
sake, and finally destroy their habitat.  We are the only creature which
purposely destroys its own habitat and those of other creatures...and for

In the time of the Dinosaur I'm very sure the same sort of conditions
existed.  Feeding frenzies were probably very common in the nesting
grounds.  Look at the clutch sizes of dinosaur nests, and what do you
find...a lot of eggs.  How many survived the initial first few weeks of
life is hard to say but I hazard to guess probably about 10% plus or minus
5% depending on the level of parental care or vigilence.

Environmental stress and the occasional natural or extra-terrestial
disaster are what finally brought to the end the dinosaur as well as many,
many other creatures.  Survival was not of the fit (the fit get to
diversify) but of the lucky.