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Re: Ceratosaurus paper

At 12:24 AM 5/23/00 +0200, you wrote:
>This is not an answer to your question but a sort of INFO:
>Perhaps the material assigned to the species C. magnicornis is UUVP 81 that
>in the Glut's "Dinosaurs the Encyclopedia" is referred to Ceratosaurus sp.
>and for which Glut write that Madsen and Chure as in preparation a paper
>will describe this material as pertaining to an apparently new species of
>Ceratosaurus that measuring about 8.8m in length?
>And within the material assigned to C. nasicornis there is the MWC 0001
>specimen? That Glut in his "Dinosaurs the encyclopedia" write that
>presumably belonging to Ceratosaurus nasicornis and will be described in a
>forthcoming osteology of Ceratosaurus?

MWC 1 is indeed C. magnicornis.  However, it was Madsen and Wells that
penned the paper.  It is not 8.8 meters.  It is only slightly larger than
the holotype (skull 600 mm compared to 550, femur 630 compared to 620).  C.
dentisulcatus (UMNH 5278) is the big one (femur 759).  UUVP 81 is a
mystery.  I am sure it is a bit of C. dentisulcatus (given many field UUVP
numbers.  UUVP does not exist anymore, apparantly)

 And  BYUVP 4951-4952-8907-9142-9144
>consisting of six dorsals vertebrae, BYUVP
>4838-4853-4908-5092-8910-8937-8938 consisting of 17 caudals vertebrae, and
>BYUVP 5020-5008 consisting of two left third metatarsals, that in the
>Britt's 1991 paper are assigned to Ceratosaurus ?nasicornis. ?

These are listed as Ceratosaurus sp.  Not enough to pin to a specific
species, I guess.

>What about the other presumed species?
>C. ingens;

Not Ceratosaurus.  Janensch called it Megalosaurus ingens.  He never pinned
it on Ceratosaurus.  It is too big to be Ceratosaurus.

>C. roechlingi;

Ceratosaurus sp.  Not diagnostic to species level (quadrate and half of an
undiagnostic fibula).

>C. dentisulcatus;

Described in this paper from the very large Ceratosaurus from the
Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry.

>C. willisobrienorum;

Not even mentioned.  Who named this?  Is this another Stephen Pickering
"named in a pamphlet" name?

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