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Re: Mammals preying on giant azhdarchid pterosaurs!

<<What seems most unbelievable about this hypothesis is that it requires
small mammals everywhere, all of a sudden and in concert, all across the
world, from Australia to Africa to Asia to the Americas, in all kinds of
environments, to suddenly became so dashedly efficient at consuming dinosaur
eggs that all the dinosaurs are extinguished at almost exactly (if not
exactly) the same time!>>

To say that egg-eating is the only cause would be silly, as you say.  But
could it be included as one of a number of causes?  I'd be intrigued if some
species with a high probability of egg-eating proliferated, maybe because
their predators had become extinct.  Is there any evidence this happened?
Also, I'm still amazed that crocs somehow developed the behavior of moving
their eggs to a safer place in their mouths, crocs not being noted in
general for high intelligence and strategic planning.  There were apparently
dino nesting grounds.  However, the birds mentioned as leaving discovered
nests and the fact that turtles use the r strategy show that defensive
behavior was not inevitable.  Is it possible that at the K/T boundary
environmental stress made some strategies more effective than others?  Do
you think that an analysis of how the K/T survivors defended their young
might be productive?
Just curious.