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Re: Egg-eating in mammals

At 04:15 PM 5/22/00 -0400, John Bois wrote:
(all?) mammalian egg-eaters are omnivorous.  And yet, except in areas
where predator-density is relatively low (i.e., tundra, off shore
islands), most (all?) oviparous species depend on concealment for
protecting their nest.  This suggests that generalists are a sufficient
enough threat to keep extant oviparous species from laying in the open.

Yes, but what makes you think dinosaur nests were never concealed? In fact, there are several known dinosaur nests that appear to have been buried, for example the ?troodontid nests Horner found, and all known sauropod nests, if I remember correctly. Burial is an excellent method of concealment.

In fact the only NON-concealed dino nests I know of are the Maiasaura nests and the Oviraptor nests. And both of these had active maternal protection. In the former case they also had the protection of numbers, through close placement of the nests.

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