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R: Ceratosaurus paper

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Subject: Re: Ceratosaurus paper

>>This is not an answer to your question but a sort of INFO:
>>Perhaps the material assigned to the species C. magnicornis is UUVP 81
>>in the Glut's "Dinosaurs the Encyclopedia" is referred to Ceratosaurus sp.
>>and for which Glut write that Madsen and Chure as in preparation a paper
>>will describe this material as pertaining to an apparently new species of
>>Ceratosaurus that measuring about 8.8m in length?
>>And within the material assigned to C. nasicornis there is the MWC 0001
>>specimen? That Glut in his "Dinosaurs the encyclopedia" write that
>>presumably belonging to Ceratosaurus nasicornis and will be described in a
>>forthcoming osteology of Ceratosaurus?
> MWC 1 is indeed C. magnicornis.  However, it was Madsen and Wells that
> penned the paper.  It is not 8.8 meters.  It is only slightly larger than
> the holotype (skull 600 mm compared to 550, femur 630 compared to 620).
> dentisulcatus (UMNH 5278) is the big one (femur 759).  UUVP 81 is a
> mystery.  I am sure it is a bit of C. dentisulcatus (given many field UUVP
> numbers.  UUVP does not exist anymore, apparantly)
>>And  BYUVP 4951-4952-8907-9142-9144
>>consisting of six dorsals vertebrae, BYUVP
>>4838-4853-4908-5092-8910-8937-8938 consisting of 17 caudals >>vertebrae,
>>BYUVP 5020-5008 consisting of two left third metatarsals, that in the
>>Britt's 1991 paper are assigned to Ceratosaurus ?nasicornis. ?
> These are listed as Ceratosaurus sp.  Not enough to pin to a specific
> species, I guess.
> >What about the other presumed species?
> >C. ingens;
> Not Ceratosaurus.  Janensch called it Megalosaurus ingens.  He never
> it on Ceratosaurus.  It is too big to be Ceratosaurus.

If I'm right and from what I have in my computer, Megalosaurus ingens is a
synonym of ?Ceratosaurus ingens which is a [nomen dubium] infact in the list
of the African Dinosaurs compiled by George Olshevsky is listed as follows:

Ceratosaurus Marsh, 1884
?C. ingens (Janensch, 1920) Paul, 1988 [nomen dubium]
      = Megalosaurus ingens Janensch, 1920 [nomen dubium]
      = Labrosaurus stechowi Janensch, 1920 [nomen dubium]
      = Antrodemus stechowi (Janensch, 1920) Steel, 1970 [nomen dubium]
      = Antrodemus steschowi Chabli, 1986
      = Labrosaurus steschowi Chabli, 1986

And Paul in his "PDW" mentioned that there was the possibility of the
presence of a titanic species of Ceratosaurus in the Tendaguru beds.

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