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Re: Seismosaurus

Hi Rachel,

Nice to have yet another member on this great mailing list. As to your
question about how something as large as a 160', 80-100 ton animal could
move around, it all has to do with the legs and feet. For example, look
at the legs and feet of an elephant, which are built to evenly
distribute the large weight of the animal. Then look at the leg bones
and feet of seismosaurus or another large sauropod, and they are built
much the same way, except on a much larger scale. Although very little
has been found, and no complete skeleton either, paleontologists can
really only estimate on the size of the overall animal. Size estimates
on Seismosaurus range from about 120' to about 180' in length, as where
weight estimates range from about 60-100 tons. As more bones of
seismosaurus are discovered, more info about its size will also. As to
web sites concerning extremely large sauropods, there are many out
there. I'll try to look around for you and if I find something, I'll get
back to you.

Hope this helps,