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In a message dated 5/24/00 0:18:19 AM EST, Tetanurae writes:

<< Having seen some very good quality photos, and a cast of the type of 
Longisquoma at SVP99, I am not entirely convinced that the "featherlike 
dermal structures" belong to Longisquoma, or are even animal in origin. >>

Until the nature of the "dermal structures" is made clear (and I haven't 
discarded the notion that they might in fact be some kind of frond and not 
feathers at all; but I don't want to disparage the opinions of others who 
have seen the specimens at first hand--I haven't, yet--and have not come to 
the conclusion that these objects are plant matter), they can safely be 
ignored; the furcula, however, is more difficult to dismiss.