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PALEONEWS: China Becomes Center for Study of Ancient Birds

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China Becomes Center for Study of Ancient Birds 

SHENYANG (May 24) XINHUA - The substantial progress made by China in the
study of ancient birds has made the country one of the world's centers
for this research, according to a noted expert on ancient vertebrates. 

Hou Lianhai, a scientist specializing in ancient birds at the Chinese
Academy of Sciences, said that China did not begin this research until
the 1970s, but has made significant headway due to the large amount of
fossilized ancient birds found across the nation during the past decade. 

"In terms of the geological location, number of species, and number of
findings of ancient birds, China ranks first in the world," he stressed. 

As an acknowledgment of the progress China has made in the field, the
world association for the study of ancient birds and their evolution has
decided to hold their fifth international conference in Beijing in the
near future. 

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