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Re: PALEONEWS: China Becomes Center for Study of Ancient Birds

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>China Becomes Center for Study of Ancient Birds 
>SHENYANG (May 24) XINHUA - The substantial progress made by China in the
>study of ancient birds has made the country one of the world's centers
>for this research, according to a noted expert on ancient vertebrates. 
>Hou Lianhai, a scientist specializing in ancient birds at the Chinese
>Academy of Sciences, said that China did not begin this research until
>the 1970s, but has made significant headway due to the large amount of
>fossilized ancient birds found across the nation during the past decade. 
>"In terms of the geological location, number of species, and number of
>findings of ancient birds, China ranks first in the world," he stressed. 
>As an acknowledgment of the progress China has made in the field, the
>world association for the study of ancient birds and their evolution has
>decided to hold their fifth international conference in Beijing in the
>near future. 
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>(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)

That will be the 5th International Meeting of the SAPE (Society for Avian
Paleontology and Evolution) Beijing, China June 1-4 2000 

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