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Vacation time

Last year my 7 year old and I went to Grand Junction
for our summer vacation. Our main purpose was to visit
Dinosaur country and go on a day dig. The Dinosaur
Valley Museum (Museum of Western Colorado) sponsers
these digs throughout the summer. We had a blast. My
son found numerous "odd bits" of unidentifiable dino
matter (which he got to keep-as long as we educated
people with it!) I found a beautiful Allosaurus tooth.
This year we are going back to do two digs, visit the
Price, Utah area, and hit Berlin-Ichthyosaur State
Park (Nevada) as well. Sadly the Dinamation Museum is
closed, but it's good for Dinosaur Valley as they have
moved to occupy its former location in Fruita, CO. So
when the kids at school say were off to Hawaii or
Disneyland, my son proudly states were going to
Fruita! If any of you lurkers out there have kids pack
up the car and head for Colorado/Utah. 

Dane C.

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