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Re: Tyrannosaurus vs. "larger" Theropods

One thing that interests me concerning _T.rex's_ abilities vs. other theropods is its degree of binocular vision. I remember reading an article in Earth magazine that reported on Kent Stevens' findings that _T.rex_ had binocular vision nearing that of a cat, and that other large theropods (a la _Carcharodontosaurus_) had binocular vision similar to that of an alligator. It was these findings that led Stevens to suggest that perhaps dinosaurs like _Carcharodontosaurus_ were an ambush predators, waiting for their prey to get in close before they strike. He also commented that the larger degree of binocular vision found in 'tyrannosaurs, velociraptors, and troodons' may have been used for nocturnal vision or for making fine spacial distinctions. But whether or not this makes _T.rex_ a "better" predator than other large theropods is irrelevent (I guess).

-Jordan Mallon

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