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Re: Tyrannosaurus vs. "larger" Theropods

Buckaroobwana wrote:

It seems to me that the major reason for the development of binocular vision
in predators would be to increase the accuracy of a bite. This would be
especially important when chasing prey at high speed. A scavenger would have
little use for binocular vision to the degree that tyrannosaurs possess.

Hmmmmmmm..... I totally agree with you. But in all fairness, I want to point out a quote from Kent Stevens in the same article I referred to earlier. In defending the use of binocular vision in scavengers, he says: "It's always nice to know how far away something is as you approach it with your nose, even if it's dead meat. Keeps you from bonking your head into it."
As to whether or not _T.rex_ cared about bonking its head into its meat, I don't know!

-Jordan Mallon

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