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Re: The duck that ruled the world

At 12:03 am 26/05/00 EDT, Timothy Williams wrote:
>George wrote:
>>Visit this website to find out about Bullockornis, the giant duck that 
>>the world.
>Wow!  The implication is that the dromornithids - the largest birds that 
>ever lived - were not ratites but giant members of the Anseriformes (ducks, 
>geese, swans).  According to this article anyway.
>Double wow!

        This doesn't seem that recent a revelation. In Michael Archer and 
Hand's "The Antipodean Ark" [1987], Pat Rich said:

"Although _Ilbandornis_ and other mihirungs have been called "giant emus",
they are quite distinct from emus and cassowaries and in fact show closer
affinity to the game bird group to wwhich quail and the domestic fowl belong."

And this raises a question - aren't kiwis considered to be essentially
moas, albeit aberrant pygmy forms? Or am I getting my dromornithids mixed
up with moas?

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