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Re: The duck that ruled the world

Hi there

You seem to be getting your dromornithids (mihirungs) mixed up with your
emeids and dinornithids (moas). The traditional accepted grouping of the
kiwis and moas as ratites has never been seriously questioned. Additionally
it has long been noted that, even when they were considered as ratites, the
dromornithids did not seem to be closely related to any other birds within
that group including moas. Sibley,Ahlquist and Monroe.Jr's DNA
hybridization studies put the kiwis firmly within the ratites (within the
same suborder as the emu and cassowaries).


>At 12:35 pm 26/05/00 +0800, Finback wrote:

>        Aheh... the point I was making, when I forgot to type it [:S] was
>that if
>dromorithids are the same as the moa group, and kiwis are considered to be
>moa relatives, then where does that put the kiwis and the Anseridae? [this
>is the duck/swan/goose family, yes?]