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Re: There's Gold in Them There Hills

George Bird Grinnell began his association with Marsh when Grinnell was
one of O.C. Marsh's students at Yale College.  He was a member of Marsh's
famous 1870 Yale College Expedition.
Grinnell was the person whom Marsh sent in his stead to accompany Custer
on the Black Hills expedition of 1874 -which you mention.  Grinnell
eventually completed a Ph.D. at Yale and continued working at the Peabody
Museum before he received his degree in 1880.    Unlike several others of
Marsh's students and assistants at Yale, Grinnell did not cease being a
strong supporter of Marsh during the long conflict with Cope which we all
know as the Cope/Marsh War. In this respect Grinnell commented that he had
seen O.C. Marsh dictate his famous monograph on "Birds With
Teeth", Odontornithes.  For his part, Marsh acknowledged in this book that
Grinnell had been of tremendous help as an assistant in the preparation of
the material discussed in the book. Grinnell pursued a professional life
as an ethnologist.  

Jane Davidson

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