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Fwd: Saurophaganax

I think this is worth posting to the whole list...
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I sometimes follow the Dino. mail server postings, but am not a member of
the list. To answer some of the questions reclently posted regarding

The reconstruction on display at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural
History (OMNH) was cast by Madson with missing elements 'scaled up' from
Allosaurus. When initially assembled, IIRC, it measured about 38 feet long.
The cast dwarfs a similar mounted Allosaurus we have on hand. The original
specimen was collected by WPA labor under the diredtion of J.W. Stovall in
the mid-1930's from Quarry 1 in the Morrison Fm in the far northwesternmost
Oklahoma Panhandle. A total of 17 quarries were excavated from 1935 to
1942, although Quarry 1 was the most prolific. The quarry was initially
located by a road crew in 1931 and is located on the road (Highway 64)
leading into Kenton, Oklahoma, and is now marked by an Oklahoma Historical
Society marker and a concrete cast of a large Apatosaur femur.
Approximately 3,500 fossil bones were collected from this quarry (which is
remarkable for the size of the quarry, you maybe could play a half-court
basketball game in it). Taxa recovered include Saurophaganax, possibly
juvenile and adult Apatosaurus (the largest known, according to J.S.
McIntosh), Camarasaurus, Stegosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Camptosaurus.

Although not T. rex sized, a formidable individual nevertheless. The
Saurophaganax is on display, mounted in battle with the largest Apatosaurus
(again, both recovered from the same quarry).



Roger J. Burkhalter
Curatorial Specialist Invertebrate Paleontology
Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
2401 Chautauqua Ave
Norman, Oklahoma 73072

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