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Re: Origins (was: Re: Sharovipteryx)

Ralph Chapman wrote:

> << There are  many works that show how developing a rigorous series of
> hypotheses and testing predictions made by them allow us to do real science
> in historical areas such as paleontology. It's been a wonderful area of
> discussion for years. Dan Fisher, for example, has done some amazing work in
> this field


you should be interested in any paper that demonstrates the scientific method so

-big snip-

> . I would strongly suggest that dinosaur enthusiasts
> spenbd more time on literature from general paleontology - there are papers
> there that are a real joy to read and can help people be better at whatever
> they do on dinosaurs.

To Ralph and others on the list:  Could you give references for the papers
mentioned above, and any  others that you think especially exemplify the
scientific method?  I am working toward a second career as a science writer, and
I'm interested in having a deep understanding of these issues, as well as seeing
examples of writing that are "a real joy to read".  (I think horseshoe crabs are
pretty cool, too!)

Judy Lundquist
Lexington Children's Museum
Lexington KY, USA