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Re: JVP, SVP...too many 'VP's...

qualification for membership is sponsorship by an SVP member.
Since there are ethics and other agreements involved, I would not >sponsor someone whom I did not know personally.

One can only marvel at the kinds of hang-ups people have with the mere act of subscription for a scholarly journal. With such an attitude it is unlikely that the real science of paleontology reaches the public. All they will have is the "interest" and the pseudo-scientific press to whet their tastes. It is time that paleotologists make their work more accessible to the public with all the science un-diluted rather make statements about others naivette. For example of the large section of 10-12 year old kids getting excited about a new giant theropod there would be at least some willing to pour over the bones and pursue science with great vigor. They sure are as entitled to reading or writing a scientific a scientific paper on a carcharodontosaur as an 18 year old with high ethical concerns
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