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Re: The duck that ruled the world.

Each ratite cladogram I saw showed different points of view.
If Ratites existed in Gondwana before its breakup, each group must have
evolved at a different "block"
South America - Rheiformes and Tinamiformes (I'm using the traditional names
for the orders, Ok?)
Africa - Struthioniformes?
India - ? (the origin of European Remiornis? Struthioniformes?)
Madagascar - Aepyornithiformes?
Australia - Casuariiformes
New Zealand - Dinornithiformes + Apterygiformes

Joao SL

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> > Moas and kiwis are Dinornithiformes.  Moas (_Dinornis_, _Euryapteryx_,
> >  _Emeus_, _Pachyornis_, _Megalapteryx_, _Anomalopteryx_) belong to two
> >  families, Dinornithidae and Emeidae, within the Dinornithiformes.
> >  (_Apteryx_), which are still with us, belong to a third family,
> Apterygidae.
> Actually, I seem to remember reading a few years ago about a molecular
> that placed moas closer to emus and cassowaries, with kiwis the next
> to these.    Anyone else out there remember more clearly about this?
> Nick P.