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RE: JVP, SVP...too many 'VP's...

   Specimens reposited in public institutions are, in contrast, and by legal
mandate, held in the public's interest, and available to be seen by any
qualified scientist and, if my limited knowledge of the law is correct, even
by any member of the public (although stipulations about prearranged
appointments and supervision usually apply).  However, unlike privately-held
specimens, publicly reposited specimens rarely change houses and, when they
do, typically change to another public collection.  They are available
(theoretically) to any scientist, regardless of their hypotheses.  More
importantly, they are also available to educate the public if put on
display, something which cannot be said for virtually any privately-held
specimen.  Although I loathe the monetary problems it has caused, I am
relieved that "Sue" the tyrannosaur is now in a public institution and on
display, where it can be studied by the public and scientists alike.

I agree with what Jerry has said, but even this has some problems. Some
times the specimens are loaned out and you can't see the specimen (I can't
tell you how many times this has happened to me) and you can either contact
who has the specimen and see it where they have it for study (I did this a
month ago) or wait for it to come back to where it belongs. Or its under
study and not available (which I understand and have no problem with) or
they won't let you see any specimens (which has happened to me).
Just try and see 'Sue' (other than what on display) and you'll see that you
can't see the specimen because UCMP has the rights to study it (which I
don't understand at all).