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Re: Tyrannosaurus vs. "larger" Theropods

I realize that T rex almost definately did scavenge carcasses from time to 
time. Its Horners contention that T. rex was unsuited for hunting that 
bothers me. It's become a pet peeve with me at this point. Even more so after 
Greg Paul pointed out the obsolesence of the concept. T.rex was obviously a 
hunter and a damn good one. Ken Carpenter even found direct evidence of 
tyrannosaurid hunting behavior that Horner seemingly ignores when he talks 
about his scavenger theory. I assume most folks on the list are aware of 
Carpenters hadrosaur fossil with the T. rex bite taken out of its tail that 
had healed. I just dont understand how an intelligent, competent researcher 
like Horner can so easily deny what is obvious to the rest of us. End of rant