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Re: The duck that ruled the world

At 10:00 pm 26/05/00 GMT, Ahmed al-Mahasa Sha'ad wrote:
>It is a  shame that they (moas, dromornids) are extinct. I suppose little 
>mammals ate all the eggs.
>Emu, kiwis, ostrichs watch out -   they might get hungry again!!!!
        Hmmm, my brain is running.... Interesting that emus (or rather, their
eggs) have a wide range of small mammalian predators, from bandicoots and
quolls, to rodents, and introduced fauna, such as dogs and pigs. But the
male emu sits on the eggs, and is never far from it. Perhaps this is a
model of how some of the dinosaurs defended their nests? One parent on
sentry duty?

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