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Reuters does its math on new dinosaur

> Fossil of one-ton dinosaur found in Buenos Aires
> BUENOS AIRES, May 27 (Reuters) - Fossilized remains of a massive 
> armadillo-like dinosaur were discovered during excavation to extend a 
> subway line in the west end of Buenos Aires, La Nacion newspaper 
> reported on Saturday. 

> Paleontologists Fernando Novas and Augustin Scanferla of the 
> Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences identified the fossil as belonging 
> to a 365-pound (800-kg) glyphodont, an armadillo-like dinosaur that had 
> a tail mounted with an 18-pound (40-kg) club, La Nacion said. 

> Neither scientist could be reached at the museum Saturday. 

> Other fossils of that type of dinosaur have been unearthed in other 
> parts of the province surrounding Buenos Aires, and this fossil will likely 
> be put on display at the future Triunvirato subway station, Scanferla told 
> La Nacion. 

> The animal was estimated to be about seven feet (2 metres) wide and 
> four feet (1.2 metres) high. The excavation crew found it about 40 feet 
> (12 metres) underground, La Nacion said. 

365 lbs. = 1 ton?