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Re: Reuters does its math on new dinosaur

Mary wrote:
 > Fossil of one-ton dinosaur found in Buenos Aires

 > BUENOS AIRES, May 27 (Reuters) - Fossilized remains of a massive
 > armadillo-like dinosaur were discovered during excavation to extend a
 > subway line in the west end of Buenos Aires, La Nacion newspaper
 > reported on Saturday.

 > Paleontologists Fernando Novas and Augustin Scanferla of the
 > Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences identified the fossil as belonging
 > to a 365-pound (800-kg) glyphodont, an armadillo-like dinosaur that had
 > a tail mounted with an 18-pound (40-kg) club, La Nacion said.

 > Neither scientist could be reached at the museum Saturday.

And obviously the journalist never talked with any scientist about the story. His skill at converting metric to English units rivals NASA's, and after that report, I suspect the scientists may _want_ to hide.

At that size, it's undoubtedly one of the extinct giant cousins of the armadillo, which are well-known as fossils. -- Jeff Hecht